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Are you “Lost At Sea” with regard to Local Internet Marketing Strategies.

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i think i need a website

How to find Customers


Help me I’m drowning in a sea of Jargon.
I don’t know where to start

I need a Web SiteI can swim,
But I don’t have a boat.
I think I need a website.


I’m out at sea,
I have a website but where are my customers.


I know enough to be able to do it myself.
Just show me how

Why Online Marketing is vital for your Local Offline Business


  • What is SEO
  • What is Google Places
  • Why Social Marketing is important











The  web site you desire may not be the one you need.


Elements of Basic Website Development.

•    Keyword research.

•    Purchase URL

•    Install  website

•    Build out website

•    SEO Optimize website

•    Customize web site for mobile phones



Like schools of fish Your customers are all around you.

Your Customers are searching online and looking at youtube; and asking their friends for recommendations on Facebook and chatting on Twitter, and on their smart phones.

You need to participate in that conversation.







Like surgery, Internet Marketing is not to be undertaken lightly.

But if you want to try to do it yourself then here are all the tools and training that we use.

Feel free to use what you will, but we make no apologies for changing our methods as the internet changes.

And we offer no warranty that the techniques that we apply with success will work for you.


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